Mood Cars? This Nissan Changes Color, Depending on the Temperature

Mood Car

Remember those mood rings that were so popular back in the day? The ones that came with a fancy stone in the middle that apparently changed color, depending on your mood? You probably already know by now that those rings didn’t really change in color based on your mood; rather, they turned from one shade to another because of the temperature.

Following the same concept isĀ UK body shop Auto Kandy who coated this Nissan with temperature-sensitive paint, effectively turning it into a “mood car” of sorts.

This isn’t the first time heat-sensitive paint was used to paint a car, but it’s uncommon to find the entire car painted all over with it. The car appears black and discrete when it’s cool, but the color gradually changes to a fierce orange once it’s revved up and running under the hot sun.

Auto Kandy is currently accepting pre-orders for the reactive paint at $320 per liter. Note that the paint only has a four-month shelf life for application. Once it’s on, the color-changing properties will also degrade with time, so keep that in mind before you place your order.


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