Monthly Budget Calculator

Monthly Budget Calculator

Monthly Budget Calculator (Image courtesy TYNKE)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I’m sure there are hundreds of iPhone, Android and WebOS apps that will let you keep track of your budget, if you’re completely lacking in a smartphone of any kind, you can always opt for this little masterpiece of industrial design. At the beginning of the month you can set your budget for six different categories including food, apparel, transportation, entertainment, personal care and miscellaneous, which is perfect for those of you still living at home who don’t have to worry about housing costs I guess.

As the month progresses you enter your purchases under each category, which allows you to track how much you’ve spent, and how much of your budget is left. The calculator is just $19.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed, which you’ll probably want to enter under the ‘misc.’ category since it really doesn’t seem that entertaining.

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Budget Calculator”

  1. Truly a waste of money. You could do the same thing with better graphics via Excel (Or OpenOffice's spreadsheets if you really want it free). If they took it a step forward and tied it to your bank account/credit card and tracked your purchases similar to what my bank gives me at the end of each year summarizing all my purchases by genre, then maybe it'd be worth it. I can't be bothered to balance my checkbook, let alone punch in all my receipts into this brick.

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