MonoPrice Releases Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Adapter


By Chris Scott Barr

We’ve mentioned MonoPrice before, and their wonderfully cheap Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Of course when we mentioned it, it was in the future tense. Last we heard they were going to be available sometime around the middle of March. Well in case you didn’t notice all of those pranks going around the other day, it’s April. Yes, it seems that the mid-March estimate was off just a bit. Not to worry though, they’re finally up for sale.

Apple still hasn’t managed to make a comparable adapter, and if they did it would probably cost a bit more than $14.25. Heck, their Mini DisplayPort to DVI and to VGA sell for $29, while you can get them from MonoPrice for just $15.20 and $18.85 apiece.

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