Monochrome Game Boy iPhone Skin

Monochrome iPhone Skin (Image courtesy Infectious)By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s not officially listed as a ‘Game Boy’ homage, it’s pretty hard to mistake where the Monochrome iPhone skin, available from Infectious, got its inspiration.

For just $14.99 you get a set of 3 stickers that includes a full piece of ‘Game Boy’ art for the back of your iPhone, complete with a simulated monochrome green and gray display, hence the name, as well as a small front piece designed to cover the iPhone’s Home button that looks like another set of buttons and a 4-way controller. It also comes with an Infectious logo decal, which you can just stick in the drawer along with the stack of Apple logo stickers you’ve accumulated over the years.

[ Infectious – Monochrome ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

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