Monkii Bars – Ultra Portable Bodyweight Training Device

Monkii Bars – Ultra Portable Bodyweight Training Device

If you are often traveling and don’t get enough time for gym, the Monkii Bars are the perfect accessory you must carry in your bag. This ultra portable bodyweight training device makes sure you get to work out anywhere. It comes with digital training manuals which feature over hundred challenging workouts you can carry out at home, park, trail, travel or practically anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Monkii Bars – Ultra Portable Bodyweight Training Device”

  1. No clear picture of what the device looks like posted here or at “the gadget flow”. I suspect the people behind the product have something to hide–like the “product” has a no-brainer design that is not worth the price.

  2. Actually, there is a very informative video on the product page which shows what the product looks like, the various ways you can use it, how it’s manufactured, and that it appears to be very durable.

    After watching the video, I think you could possibly find something similar on the market for less money.

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