MoneyMaker Camera Strap Lets You Tote 3 SLRs

By David Ponce

Looking like it should be holstering pistols, the The MoneyMaker Multi-Camera harness lets you pack a different kind of heat. Photographic heat. (Lord, that’s the worst joke of the week, someone shoot me.) The two shoulder straps let you carry a camera on each side while a D-ring on each allows you to string yet another thinner strap to your front. So you end up with a camera on each side and one in front. I’m assuming that professional photographers would like something like this, what with them spending an entire day shooting a wedding, getting tired and things like that. “The cameras are kept inline with the body and the weight centered over the upper back and shoulders taking strain off the lower back. ”

The MoneyMaker is made from oil tanned, top grain leather and the asking price is $175.

Now, I’d really like it if someone could tell me in what situation three different cameras might be needed.

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