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Mondo 237: A Clothing Line Inspired By the Carpet Pattern Outside Room 237 in 'The Shining'

Mondo 237 Clothing

Remember the honeycomb carpet pattern outside Room 237 in The Shining? If you were busy covering your eyes or screaming your head off, then you probably didn't notice the distinct pattern on the carpet that has now spawned an entire clothing line called Mondo 237, which includes knit sweaters, cardigans, scarves, scarf, ski masks, a door mat, and an area rug.

The pattern on the fabric used was designed by artist Sal Giliberto.

Mondo 237 Clothing1

Mondo 237 Clothing2


Mondo 237's knitted wearables are now available for pre-order online.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]

One comment on “Mondo 237: A Clothing Line Inspired By the Carpet Pattern Outside Room 237 in 'The Shining'”

  1. the best clothing ever. Wish they actually sold the carpeting. I wish some hotel in Vegas would make a Shining replica hotel complete with spooky old timey 1920's bar and have a casino with this fabric and all lookalike twin type waitresses that look like the dead twins or Wendy. That would be totally awesome!

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