Momspit – There’s No Substitute For The Real Thing


By Luke Anderson

I was fortunate as a child, my mother never felt the need to spit on a napkin in the attempt to wash off my face. She learned early on that the area surrounding my mouth became a catch-all for food, and that it was a lost cause to keep it clean at all times. For those who miss that bonding experience from their childhood, you can pick up a tube of Momspit.

Isn’t that the most disgusting name for a cleaning solution that you’ve ever heard? What’s interesting is that this “universal no-rinse cleanser” is not a sanitizer and contains no alcohol. So just what is that clear liquid contained within? I don’t think any of us really want to know the answer. I suppose this might make a good gag gift for someone that you taunt as a “momma’s boy.” If you’re interested, it’s $9 for a 2-ounce bottle, or $18 for 7 ounces.

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