MoGo Talk XD4 (Image courtesy ID8 Mobile)

MoGo Talk XD4 Now iPhone 4 Compatible

MoGo Talk XD4 (Image courtesy ID8 Mobile)
By Andrew Liszewski

Shortly after CES I reviewed ID8 Mobile’s MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset and case for the iPhone 3G/3GS, and while it was definitely a convenient way to carry a Bluetooth headset, there were a few drawbacks. The most glaring being the fact that you needed a separate microUSB cable to charge the headset while it was docked to the back of the case. At CES I was told they were looking into ways to charge with a single cable the way their Blackberry MoGo Talk case does, but looking closely at the new iPhone 4 version it seems no solution was found.

It’s still a very clever way to carry a Bluetooth headset if you don’t like wearing one 24/7, I’ll give it credit there. But you can still see a separate microUSB port on the bottom of this case which means you’ll still need to use 2 cables if you want to charge the iPhone and the headset at the same time, which kind of sucks. It has seen a drop in price though, from $129 to just $99.99 when it becomes available in September, so maybe that’s like a consolation prize.

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