ModooFree PLUS Rearview Mirror

ModooFree PLUS (Image courtesy ModooPlaza Inc.)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never thought about replacing the stock rearview mirror in a car, but now I can see there’s so much more they could be doing besides bouncing headlights into my eyes.

From ModooPlaza Inc. comes the ModooFree PLUS rearview mirror. For starters the mirror has built-in bluetooth allowing it to connect to any BT-equipped phone. The phone number of an incoming call can be displayed on the rearview mirror but if you can’t take your eyes off the road a built-in speaker allows the number to be read to you instead. This speaker coupled with a built-in microphone also allows you to answer your phone and carry on a conversation without taking your hands off the wheel.

The ModooFree PLUS can also serve as a parking sensor by interfacing with an included bumper-installed sensor. When backing up the distances between the right, left and rear of the vehicle and the nearest obstacle are displayed on the mirror. The system can also alert you audibly with four stages of warning signals based on how far the car is from hitting something.

The ModooFree PLUS Rearview Mirror has an MSRP of $150 but it seems to only be available from certain importers at this time.

[ModoFree PLUS Parking Sensor] VIA [Newlaunches]

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