Mobileyes iPhone App Can (Potentially) Help You Avoid Traffic

By Jonathan Kimak

iPhone owners in several cities can now access live traffic camera feeds thanks to a new application called Mobileyes. The iPhone user will be able to see how the traffic is in certain areas around their city and then use that info to make their commute a little shorter and even less stressful. There is also the potential to save fuel and money by spending less time idling in traffic and more time moving towards the freedom of home.

Current cities where this is available are: Detroit, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C. while other cities will eventually be added. Depending on the speed of your connection the app can show low, medium or high resolution images.

Just remember to check this before you get on the road and not while you are driving.

VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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