Mobile Software Translates English To Japanese Via Camera Scanning

camera dictionary

By David Ponce

Visiting our fine English-speaking lands will soon become marginally more comfortable for tourists from Japan. Company Mediaseek (warning: Flash splash) has announced the release of the mobile application ?Camera Dictionary?, which allows for the instantaneous translation of printed English words to Japanese, merely by scanning them with the mobile’s camera. Normal English-Japanese translators require the manual input of words via keyboard, which is relatively slow and error prone. This new method will both increase accuracy, and significantly reduce the amount of time our Japanese visitors take in deciphering, say, a restaurant menu. This of course doesn’t mean they’ll be able to appreciate the finer gastronomic nuances of a Sloppy Joe, but there’s only so much technology can do.

[Mediaseek] VIA [The Raw Feed]

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  1. just to name it: the picture you provide with the article does not really show “translation of printed English words to Japanese” but printed code pattern recognition, which is not the same.

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