Mobile Phone Styled Calculator

Mobile Calculator (Image courtesy MoMA Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m still not sure why anyone outside of an educational setting would need to buy a standalone calculator these days. And even if you’re still in school, the odds are you need one with advanced scientific functions, not just basic arithmetic. I’m particularly perplexed why someone would also want a basic calculator that’s styled after a mobile phone.

While I can’t deny that it looks slick, even the lowest end of real mobile phones have a calculator already built-in. And most carriers are practically giving those away these days. In its defense though, the slim design of this model does allow it to be used single-handled. And it includes a 12 or 24 hour clock on the LCD display, a contoured ABS plastic housing and even comes with a black felt pouch.

You can get it from the MoMA Store for $28.

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  1. you forgot to note that the numbers are still in a calculator format and not the cellphone arrangement. It might as well be changed to the cellphone order so that texters could be faster calculator users

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