Mobile Manager Software To Act As A Self-Destruct Of Sorts

synchronica screaming phone

By David Ponce

There’s an application called Mobile Manager from company Synchronica. It allows for the central remote management of large numbers of mobile devices. Among the features is (in case of theft for instance) the ability to remotely lock any mobile and wipe all the data on it. Better yet, you can activate a screaming alarm which cannot be turned off by pressing any buttons. The only two options left for any given thief at this point would be to remove the battery… or more likely smash the device to pieces.

Once a mobile is stolen, it’s quite unlikely you’ll see it again, so in some ways, this is an auto-destruct feature. Lock, wipe, scream, and get smashed to pieces… sounds like a great way to deal with theft, if you ask us.

The application, unfortunately seems to be part of a larger remote-mobile-management package, with licencing prices starting at ? 1,205 for 5 users. We think it wouldn’t kill the company to develop a consumer version, but what does our opinion matter anyway?

[Synchronica Mobile Manager] VIA [SciFi Tech]

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  1. Boy would that not be convenient as hell! I think it would be better if there was a way to also track where the phone was reactivated (and disposed of after the scream) to recover it and maybe pick up the perp.

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