Mobcharger To Release Disposable Cellular Battery Chargers

mobchargerBy David Ponce

The era of Disposable Everything seems to be upon us. Never mind that this last sentence wasn’t much more than pompous hyperbole, it also happens to be true: we have disposable cameras, disposable contact lenses, hell, even disposable prophylactics. You can now add Disposable Mobile Phone Emergency Recharger to that list. Mobcharger sells these battery packs that connect to your low-battery cellphone and can give you up to 90 minutes of talktime, or 480 minutes of standby. Simply plug your mobile in, as you would at home, and use. Yes, it does have to be plugged in to work; it won’t actually recharge, so perhaps they should be called Energy Assistants or something of the sort. We’re not certain just how stupid you’ll end up looking with a colorful credit card sized thing hanging down from your cell as you talk, but we suppose that in an emergency you wouldn’t care too much.

They are allegedly environmentally friendly, as they’re made of zinc-carbon, containing no mercury, lead or cadmium. They won’t leak or corrode, and can be disposed of with regular waste. They make tons of different models, supposedly compatible with the vast majority of cellphones out there. You can visit their website to find out if your particular model is supported. We’re not sure about price, but we’re hearing $10 or so.

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  1. It really is sad to see all this disposable stuff. What ever happened to recycling? While the fad is to get ?green? we keep seeing companies moving backwards. I long for the day we use edible paper containers for take out food, rechargeable batteries that don?t die after 10 uses etc. While the idea of being able to recharge your phone on the go is a nice one, is it so hard to just drop off the old recharger when you get a new one? A little responsibility and effort goes a long way. If you work at one thing at a time soon it becalms habit, then you move to the next; Simple things like returning your shopping cart, washing the dishes after you use them or recycling a battery.
    -Thermal depolymerization – Lazy recycling for the win!-

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