Mmmmmmmm…MoMA Donut FM Radio

MoMA Donut FM Radio (Image courtesy MoMA Online Store)By Andrew Liszewski

You see that headline there? Yeah that’s called synergy people. You see how I connected Homer Simpson’s love for donuts, his donut related catch phrase and the fact that the MoMA store now sells a donut shaped FM radio? I know it’s probably a bit mind boggling so I’ll let it sink in for a while.

Anyways if I ever visit New York again I think I’ll have to avoid the MoMA stores like the plague cause they just carry too many things I want but in reality don’t need. Like for example this donut-shaped FM radio. These days I maybe listen to the radio for about 4 seconds every morning before I shut the alarm off but I still want one of these. The inner and outer rings both rotate and are used to tune the station and adjust the radio’s volume.

The Donut FM Radio is available at the MoMA online store for $30 unless you’re a MoMA member which makes it only $27.

[MoMA store Dount FM Radio]

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