Mitsubishi Video Wall Is Specifically Not Designed For You

Mitsubishi Video Wall

By Evan Ackerman

Here at the OhGizmo West Coast Regional Command and Control Center (aka my desk), the staff (aka me) is reasonably happy with our high-tech tactical display system (aka my laptop). That doesn’t mean that we don’t want one or six of these 80″ Mitsubishi MegaView Wallâ„¢ video wall cubes, which are “designed specifically for large command and control centers.” In fact, in order to buy one of these (or even find out the price), you’ll need to contact your “authorized systems integrator.” 80″ is certainly big, but it’s not that big, and it’s only SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixels). But for a bezel-less rear projection system of its size, it’s bright (190 cd/m2), with high contrast and good viewing angles. It’s also got an optional motorized adjustment tool, to facilitate the seamless integration of a few dozen of these babies in your top-secret volcano lair.

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