MIT’s Quickies Improve On The Unimprovable

MIT’s Quickies Improve On The Unimprovable


By Evan Ackerman

Post-It notes are one of those things that I didn’t think could be improved by technology. Turns out I’m wrong, as the MIT Media Lab has invented a system called Quickies, which take ordinary sticky notes and makes them digital and intelligent. Developed by grad student Pranav Mistry, Quickies use an electronic pad and embedded RFID tags to figure out not only what is written on the note, but also where the note is stickied. The Quickie software can then do all sorts of neat little things based on the contents of the note:

Quickies are just a functional demo right now, but it won’t be long until printing RFID tags on paper get cheap enough (and RFID readers get ubiquitous enough) that it’ll make sense to have Post-Its that are just a little bit more clever than your average piece of paper.

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