Mister Miser Fold-A-Way Urinal

Mister Miser Urinal (Image courtesy Mister Miser LLC)By Andrew Liszewski

Having a urinal at home is a dream that goes unfulfilled for a lot of men because there’s usually a lack of space in their bathrooms. Thankfully someone out there has created a solution to this epic problem with the Mister Miser. What looks like the door to a laundry or garbage chute on the wall actually opens up to reveal a fully functioning urinal!

Installation is probably a bit more complicated than with a standard toilet because the necessary water and drainage pipes have to be routed to wherever you want it installed. On the other hand since you’re going to all the trouble of running pipes you can probably install the Mister Miser in whatever room of your house you felt was most convenient. (This assumes you don’t mind the horrified look you’ll get from visitors when they realize what that door on the wall in the living room really is.)

The Mister Miser Urinal is available on the company’s website for $295. And if you pay a water bill every month you’ll be happy to know the device uses far less water than a conventional toilet.

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  1. “Having a urinal at home is a dream that goes unfulfilled for a lot of men”
    Straight off the PR release. No. No person dreams of having a urinal at home. Nobody. Ever. Anyway, what do you think the wash basin is for?

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