Mio Digiwalker – GPS For Tourists

Mio Digiwalker (Image courtesy Mio Technology Corp.)By Andrew Liszewski

In reality the Mio Digiwalker is just another handheld GPS device not unlike the Tom Tom that strives to be a bit more user friendly than the
original handheld GPS devices from companies like Garmin were.

When released the Mio will come pre-loaded with detailed maps of the United States and Canada (it’s already available in Europe with maps of that continent) and will also have a database of 11 million points of interest like restaurants, museums and other landmarks. The Mio will also be capable of providing detailed instructions for getting to where you want to go via a 2D overhead map, a 3D perspective view or a selection of different voices that can provide audible directions.

A particularly nice feature that’s useful for people on foot is the unit’s “pedestrian mode.” When dismounted from a vehicle’s dashboard the Mio will ignore one-way streets and other navigation restrictions that only apply when driving in a car, making the provided directions more catered towards a pedestrian. On top of it all the Mio will also be capable of playing MP3s, movies or displaying photos off of an SD card when you don’t really feel like going anywhere.

The North American version of the Mio Digiwalker is set to be released here in mid-October for $499.

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