MINOX Makroskop Works Up-Close & Far

Minox Makroskop MS 8x25 (Image courtesy MINOX)By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you’re into watching birds high up in a tree or insects close-up on the ground the Makroskop MS 8×25 from MINOX has you covered. With a field of view of more than 114m the handheld viewer works quite well as a normal telescope. And with a close-focus distance of only 35cm and 8x magnification it also works great as a microscope for closely examining small objects without disturbing them.

The body of the Makroskop was designed by Volkswagen-Design and is covered in a tough rubber armor that should protect it from everyday wear and tear. It’s also waterproof to about 16 feet meaning bad weather should never stop you from being able to use it. Inside the Makroskop you’ll find Porro prism optics which facilitates the compact design and also allows for bright images with accurate color reproduction. And the Quick Close Focus system allows the telescope to be adjusted from close-up to infinite with a single turn of less than 360° on the focussing ring.

The Makroskop MS 8×25 is available on the MINOX website for about $230.

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