MiniTISSUEs – Not To Be Taken Internally

MiniTISSUEs (Images courtesy Solutions)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’ll never be without a washcloth as long as you carry one of these unique MiniTISSUEs in your pocket or purse. What looks like a small mint candy is actually an 8.6″ x 9.8″ washcloth that has been hydraulically compressed, and individually wrapped to stay germ free. Once it’s needed you just have to pour water over one of the tablets and it will expand to the point where you can unroll it to its full size.

I kind of like this idea, particularly for use when camping or other outdoor activities, but couldn’t they have put a bit more effort into not making them look like tasty breath mints? I’m sure it’s all part of the novelty and in good fun, that is until the lawsuits start rolling in from people who ended up with stomach pains instead of fresh breath.

A box of 96 MiniTISSUEs is available from Solutions for just $12.95.

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4 thoughts on “MiniTISSUEs – Not To Be Taken Internally”

  1. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn’t feel right having them around with my grandchildren. The 3 yeear old is known for tasting first and asking last. I wouldn’t trust a product like that. It could be too easily mistaken for candy.

  2. The hardware store I work at(Just south of Vancouver, BC) has had these thing for months now. There called WysiWipes and some have “Magic” imprinted on them, other just say WysiWipe. We also have individually wrapped ones, but bags of 100 are the same price as above.

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