Minimalist Speakers Look Nice, Price Probably Real Nice Too

sonance.jpgBy Ryan Nill

The Sonance Architectural Series Speakers, by Olivier Hennessy, take minimalism to new heights. When mounted properly the speakers align and blend seamlessly into your wall, creating a devastatingly stylish and sleekly minimal look. The speakers come without a grill (…you mean, like, Flavor Flav?) which allow ordinary beryllium speaker cones to become a work of art. Just make sure not to touch.

The Sonance Architectural Series Speakers, available now, come in both iPod white (Z8F) and matte black (Z8), and feature an 8inch woofer, 4inch midrange and 1inch dome tweeter, playing anywhere from 5 to 175 watts.

While they are apparently available now, I have no clue where to get them, as the site lacks an area to place an order.

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