Mutewatch (Images courtesy Mutewatch)

Minimal Mutewatch

Mutewatch (Images courtesy Mutewatch)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the thought of strapping a watch to your wrist that looks like it could be used to land a 747 doesn’t appeal to you, here’s an option from the other end of the spectrum. The Mutewatch is about as simple a design as you’re ever going to find, looking more like a charitable rubber wristband than a time piece. In fact it doesn’t even display the time until you ask it to, by simply tapping on the flat askew rectangle which serves as its display. The time will then illuminate, glowing through the watch’s rubber finish.

But that’s not all. The display also recognizes touch gestures like swiping, letting you scroll through the clock, alarm and timer modes. And setting an alarm is as easy as tapping the top of a number to increase it, or the bottom to decrease it. Cancelling or removing an alarm is even easier, requiring just a pinch gesture. Instead of an annoying beep, the Mutewatch also vibrates when an alarm goes off, and a built-in motion sensor can tell if you’re sleeping (not moving) increasing the intensity of the vibrations to wake you up. Of course a minimalistic design rarely comes with a minimalistic price, and the Mutewatch is no different, requiring $259 of your hard earned dollars.

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