MiniCat Portable Sailboat

MiniCat Portable Sailboat (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

When you think about it any vehicle is technically ‘portable’ but this MiniCat sailboat can actually be disassembled and transported in a backpack. Now looking at the photos I wouldn’t want to undertake any long hikes while wearing the backpack but it’s at least small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars.

The MiniCat design is based on 2 inflatable pontoons and it’s engineered so that a single person can assemble / disassemble the craft without the need for tools in about 30 minutes. The whole thing weighs only about 35Kg and can actually support 2 riders while out on the water. But given the boat’s size I would restrict your outings to local rivers and lakes rather than undertaking that cruise to the Bahamas you’ve always dreamed of. Unless you of course that dream includes a harrowing rescue by the US Coast Guard, in that case go nuts.

The MiniCat is currently available from in three flavors. The Standard, Super and Sport models are mainly differentiated by the size and number of sails included and range in price from about $5,025 up to $5,640.

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