Miniature USB Dance Mat Perfect For Fingers, Elves And Fairies

USB Finger Dance Mat (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

When the cubicle walls get a bit too overwhelming take a break with this miniature version of the popular/annoying ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ arcade game. The dance pad has 4 buttons with built-in LEDs that you need to hit as they light up and it connects to your PC via a USB cable presumably to keep track of your performance and to provide plenty of sound effects that are sure to attract the attention of your supervisor. To make things even more exciting it includes a cut-out finger character to recreate that authentic DDR experience.

I’m usually a big fan of procrastination but to be honest if this was my only distraction I’d probably just go back to doing my work. Or take a nap under my coat.

The USB Finger Dance Mat is available from for about $20.

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