Mini Mobile Printer Glides On The Page To Print

mini mobile printer

Ever tried carrying a printer in your backpack? Not exactly the most portable things, right? If ever you need to be printing a few quick pages and don’t want to have to walk to the nearest copy center, the Mini Mobile Printer could definitely help you out. It connects to your laptop or smartphone through Bluetooth and works by moving itself across your page while printing, instead of the traditional method of swallowing a whole sheet of paper in one end and spitting it out the other. The cartridge will last 1,000 pages and the battery a full hour. However, considering it only prints at 1.2 pages per minute, you’ll only be able to crank out 72 sheets before it runs out of power. And it’s grayscale only at the moment.

Still, considering its small size (4in. by 4.5in) and portability, it’s an acceptable tradeoff. Currently undergoing funding on Kickstarter, a $200 will secure a white unit with a January 2015 delivery date.

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