Mini Bluetooth Retro Handset

Bluetooth Mini Phone (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Those old-timey phone handsets that have been retrofitted to connect to a modern cellphone are clever and all, but they’re not really that practical (or easy to carry) if you intend to use them away from a desk. But this mini version is. It connects to your cellphone just like a Bluetooth headset would, and instead of walking around talking into a tiny earpiece, you’ll be walking around talking into a tiny handset.

I guess I don’t really see the point of using this instead of just talking into your cellphone, though it is slightly smaller (depending on the phone you use) and is less likely to get pinched if you decided to talk to your friends while wandering down a dark alley at night. has ’em for about $36, though I’m pretty sure they won’t just sell you a single unit.

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