Millennium Falcon Bed Might Not Land You A Princess Leia Of Your Own


By Chris Scott Barr

Let’s say that you’re the ultimate Star Wars fan out there,what do you sleep on at night? Sure, you could go with your vintage Empire Strikes Back sheets atop your otherwise normal bed. But don’t you think that you can show your love in a better way? Perhaps one that will make most people even more reluctant to share your bed. That’s right, you need a bed modeled after the Millennium Falcon.

One fan has decided to craft such a bed, with a good bit of accuracy. There aren’t a lot of details on how to replicate it, but it does give you something to think about. The front includes a pair of working “headlights” and a string of LED lights provides the perfect mood lighting for any geeky bedtime encounter. The pillow shaped like a radar dish is the icing on the cake.


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  1. I was going to ask how you wash the sheets, especially since you get them all sweaty after sex, but then I realized, that's probably not a problem…

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