Military Supplier Unveils Zombie Killer Knives

By David Campisi

Ka-Bar, a military supplier, has just released a new line of knives created for the sole purpose of fighting off the undead. The manufacturer says that the “ZK knives are designed to perform under the most rigorous, unexpected and apocalyptic situations.” Yep, the zombie movement has reached that level, now. The 5 knife “ZK” line ranges from the 16” machete style Pestilence Chopper Knife, to the stealthy 3” bladed Acheron Skeleton Knife. The knives are shown in bright green handles, but they come with black replacement handles in case you need to sneak up on … zombies?

Ka-Bar’s website doesn’t yet feature these bad boys, but it looks like the kind of website a military weapon supplier would run if it did its own coding.  For the moment, Amazon seems to be the best place to buy them. The knives each run around $40 to $50 but you can get the smaller Skeleton Knife for $8.91.

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