Military Inspired ATV Comes With Unpopable Tires


We’re not sure who Polaris had in mind when they created the Sportsman WV850 H.O. We’re thinking ex-military folk looking to reminisce on the good old days where they did some enthusiastic off-roading while being shot at from all angles. Because who else would want to spend $15,000 on an ATV whose main selling feature is a set of non-pneumatic tires that can’t be shot out? In testing, the WV850 H.O.’s tires have taken fire from all kinds of caliber, all the way up to a beefy .50 cal, and still managed to keep going up to 350 miles. They even kept going 1,000 miles after going over some spike strips, which would be awesome if you were a character in GTA. Alas, you’re not, and if you see your ride’s tires sustaining fire from a .50 cal weapon, may we suggest getting off and finding suitable cover as soon as possible? Because the wheels may stay on, but that fleshy bit just two feet away won’t fare so well.

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