Miles Rug – The Harsh Reality Of Driving

Miles Rug (Image courtesy BIG-GAME)
By Andrew Liszewski

Every little kid who plays with Hot Wheels or other toy cars dreams about what it must be like to get behind the wheel of a real car and hit the open road. Well those of us who are old enough to drive know that in reality it’s nothing like cruising around the living room floor.

On the other hand this Miles Rug accurately recreates the experience of driving on a major freeway and interchange in a large city. The complicated maze of turns and loops actually compose an infinite freeway and the lack of any signs telling you where your off-ramp is will prepare the kid for the good times they’re sure to have behind the wheel. It also includes 3 wooden cars but I think if they’d included about 300 it would perfectly finish off the experience.

The Miles Rug looks like it’s available from BIG-GAME but I have no idea for how much.

[ Miles Rug ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]