MicroStylus Tucks Away In Your Headphone Jack

By David Ponce

So the company OMGPOP, makers of Draw Something, was bought by Zynga for $20 million a while back. You might have heard, it was all over. Anyway, the point is that Draw Something is darn popular, dethroning the almighty Angry Birds for a while. And now everyone is realizing that drawing stuff on your iPhone with the tip of your finger is one of the hardest things ever. So you might want a stylus, but hey, where you gonna carry that? In your pocket like a caveman? The MicroStylus is just the thing for you. It’s so small, it goes right into the headphone jack that most smartphones have, doubling as a dust cap. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum, its small capacitive tip adds much needed precision. You won’t be able to produce a Van Gogh with it, but you wouldn’t be able to do that anyway even with fancier instruments, so don’t be so picky.

It’s also cheap: $10.

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4 thoughts on “MicroStylus Tucks Away In Your Headphone Jack”

  1. ummm $200 million. Wasn’t sure if that would work so I tubed it and watched a guy crank out a pretty detailed pic of a lion in DrawSomething. I never can remember to take my other stylus with me so guess I’ll pick one up.

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