Microsoft Teases With ZuneHD Details

Microsoft Teases With ZuneHD Details


By Chris Scott Barr

The internet can be a great and terrible thing. It’s great for people like you and I, but not so good for big companies trying to keep a secret. There have been a lot of rumors swirling around lately about a new Zune thanks to the speed at which information travels. Rather than spewing out “no comment,” Microsoft has spilled a few of the details on the upcoming device.

They were only willing to give up a few details, which is understandable since they’ll likely be talking more about it at E3. (Shameless Plug: We’ll be at the Microsoft Media Briefing next Monday, so tune in for coverage!) What we do know is that the ZuneHD is going to feature HD video output in 720p (thus the name), HD radio, web browser and a touchscreen. We also know that Microsoft will be replacing the Xbox Live Marketplace with the Zune video store.

Microsoft is also talking about “tuners.” Essentially a tuner is a device that connects you to the Zune music and video services. So far aside from the Zune itself, the Xbox will be the first of these tuners. We’ll definitely keep you posted when we find out more Monday.

VIA [ SeattleTimes ]