Microsoft Cinema (Image courtesy I Started Something)

Microsoft Germany’s 234-Inch Touchscreen Display. It’s Pretty Big… I Guess

Microsoft Cinema (Image courtesy Stereolize)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tradeshows are always a sea of deafening music, product demos and flashy videos. So if you want your booth to stand out and draw in the crowds, you really have to do something unique. So at the CeBIT 2011 show in Hanover, Microsoft Germany called upon a company called Stereolize to cook up what they dubbed ‘Microsoft Cinema’ which was essentially a monstrous, 234-inch touchscreen display.

It towered over the presenters, so we’re just going to have to assume and trust that the touch functionality goes all the way to the top of the display, but at least we know the bottom half supports gestures like flicking and panning. And presumably instead of pinching to zoom, you’d have to give the whole thing a gigantic, open-armed hug.

[ Stereolize – CeBIT 2011 – The largest Interactive Touch Screen – 234″ ] VIA [ I Started Something ]