Microsoft Diversifying Into Mediocre Laptop Coolers

Microsoft Diversifying Into Mediocre Laptop Coolers


By Evan Ackerman

Maybe it’s unfair of me to say that this Microsoft laptop cooling pad from Microsoft is mediocre. But I don’t know, I guess I kind of expected that if Microsoft were to come up with a laptop cooling pad, it would be somehow notable or significant, and as far as I can tell, this isn’t. It’s 1.16 inches thick, and it’s got a single USB powered fan.

And it has a cable management clip.


And it’s kind of curvy, I suppose.

It’s available in black or white (to match your MacBook), for $30 in July.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Diversifying Into Mediocre Laptop Coolers”

  1. who expects microsoft coming up with something good anyway?
    i think mediocre is already a compliment when it comes to microsoft products….

    and it is in fact a big compliment for this low level cooling stand.
    cable managment? i dont see anything managed there….

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