MicroMemo Turns iPod Into, Well, A Mic

micromemoBy David Ponce

We’re big fans of elegant design around here. You might have heard. And while the MicroMemo from Japanese Marubeni Infotech doesn’t do anything revolutionary, we like the way it transforms the iPod into something else entirely. See, the MicroMemo is a simple microphone. It attaches to the bottom of a second generation nano, and can record in stereo. What we like is the way that a simple digital music player suddenly becomes a handheld mic, suitable for conducting interviews or whatnot. Files can be saved as both high (44.1kHz/1,411kbps) and low (22.05kHz/352kbps) quality WAV files. Although this can use up a lot of space, you can record up to 51 hours of audio on the low setting on a 8GB Nano.

Yeah, it’s not even the only such device on the market, but we like the way this one looks, so that’s that. It’s 8,480 yen, or $70, though we’re not sure if they’ll deliver across the pond.

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  1. The Creative Zen Vision:M comes with a built-in Microphone ready to record. I hear it works as great voice recorder. So, no need to spend money buying a Microphone. Another reason the ZVM is better than the iPod.

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