MicroLink dLAN, Streaming Music Through Electric Sockets

By David Ponce

There are a few ways to stream the music from your computer to a sound system someplace in your house. You can run bulky wires and make holes in your drywall. That’s fun. You can purchase the Airport Express from Apple. And now, you can use the existing electrical outlets in your home!

The Microlink dLAN Audio from German company Devolo AG is a very cool system that comes in two units. The MicroLink dLAN Ethernet Adapter connects to your computer and plugs into an electrical socket. Then, the MicroLink dLAN Audio Adapter completes the connection by plugging into another socket, anywhere in the house and then matching up with your sound system.

You can then stream audio up to 200meters in 192kbps stereo quality without drilling any holes, or pissing off any wives. If you want to stream the music from one computer to three different rooms for instance, simply purchase a couple of additional Audio Adapters… no need to buy the Ethernet Adapter again.

It’s very, very cool, and will cost you about $160. Check out the product page. Story VIA TRFJ.

8 thoughts on “MicroLink dLAN, Streaming Music Through Electric Sockets”

  1. What’s not practical about it? For someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a wireless network just to get their music from their PC to their sound system, this is ideal.

    I emailed the company and there are no plans as of now to market a version that works in the US. That’s a shame.

  2. I wouldn’t be pleased with this. Only 192Kbps? Plus, does it send the data through the power lines or through the air? I’ve seen the wireless modems that send the signal through the power lines, and those get really bad static.

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