Microboards Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower

Microboards Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower (Image courtesy Microboards Technology LLC)By Andrew Liszewski

I used to work for a small software company and when they decided to do their our own DVD-rom duplication in-house they bought a tower like this. Of course in the off-time when the duplicator wasn’t being used for company purposes we found other useful applications for it. Now that I don’t have access to it though I’m surprised how often I could really use it.

Microboards Technology has been providing disc duplication products for some time now and they clearly intend to remain in the business for a while longer as they’ve recently announced Blu-Ray versions of their duplicator towers. The CopyWriter Blu-Ray tower comes in two models at the moment, a 4 burner version and a 10 burner version and each model includes enough storage to back up a single 25GB disc image.

Thinking back there were plenty of times when something unexpected would go wrong with a copy and we would end up with 10 DVD coasters. These days that’s easy to shrug off given the cost of DVD media but with Blu-Ray discs costing what they do it’s not so easy to ignore.

Of course the CopyWriter epitomizes the bleeding edge of technology. The 4 burner model will set you back $8,995 while the 10 burner model is $19,995.

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