mi VDO FX Digital Video Cam Is Sure To Boost Your YouTube Views

mi VDO FX DV Cam (Image courtesy mi Jam)By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone can post a video of pretty much anything to YouTube but if you’re hoping to rack up the views and number of times your clip gets ‘favorited’ you better make sure your video is something special. So while we’re seeing quite a few digital video cameras specifically designed for making web-ready videos (translation: sub-NTSC quality) I don’t think any of them will be able to compare to the mi VDO FX.

You see besides having the ability to record a soundtrack directly from an iPod or MP3 player while filming and on-the-go editing the mi VDO FX also includes 18 built-in special effects to further jazz up your production. As to what these effects are I have no idea, but given the images on their website I assume we’re talking about black & white, sepia, negative and other real-time filters. So if the video of your dog chasing it’s tail seems to have gone unnoticed on YouTube try shooting it again with the mi VDO FX’s negative filter, I guarantee it will hit the site’s front page in a matter of hours.

As for useful features the mi VDO FX includes 4x digital zoom, has a 1.5-inch color LCD display and uses SD cards with support for up to 2Gb versions.

[ mi VDO FX ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]