Meteorite Guitar Picks

meteorite pickmeteorite pick

By David Ponce

It’s funny. Just the other day, I was reading this fascinating article about just how horrible the web looked in 1996, and I find it somewhat amusing that by sheer coincidence, I have come across one site that still looks like it belongs there. See, there’s this company, Meteorite Guitar Picks, that makes guitar picks from, well, meteorites. So, yeah, let’s say you have this friend that plays in a band, and he’s got all his gear already and you don’t know what to buy him for his birthday. Well, here’s an idea: a guitar pick made from a meteorite! There seems to be three models, and they range between $110 and $135. It’s neat stuff, really.

You should however give the site a visit, if only to gawk at the horror of blasphemous web design. Kind of makes you want to buy a bunch of picks, just so they can afford a decent designer.

[Meteorite Guitar Picks] VIA [Popgadget]

Update: Link fixed. And for those out there smiling at the irony of an ugly site laughing at another site’s ugly, well, we’re aware we’re not pretty, but that still doesn’t stop us from having eyes. -Ed

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  1. Considering your own site isnt exactly the vision quest of eyecandy you should probably simmer down a bit on the others just trying to make a penny out there. Unless you paid alot for some genius to come up with the split page idea where the whole right half is ads and links. Double thumbs down for IntelliTXT popups too.

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