MetalStorm: With Bullets, More = Better

By Evan Ackerman

MetalStorm has been pushing their military hardware for a while now (and without much tangible success), but since their weapon technology seems to be making the rounds again, here’s an admittedly cool video of one of their multi-barrel one million rounds per minute prototype guns destroying some defenseless stacks of plywood in slow-mo:

In a nutshell, MetalStorm achieves these ridiculously high rates of fire by stacking multiple bullets in multiple barrels and firing them all virtually at the same time with electronic triggers. The system is adaptable to a variety of ammunition (like grenades), and can be mounted on aircraft or vehicles or controlled remotely. So why no luck with the military? I can’t say for certain, but I would guess that you rarely need to fire 1,000,000 rounds a minute, and when you might, they’ve already got stuff that works pretty well.

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