Memory Ball Alarm Clock

By David Ponce

It’s just a simple alarm clock/radio with a twist in the user interface. Instead of your usual knobs or buttons, you select your (previously programmed) station by moving a magnetized ball around. Each one of the 9 dimples on its face is a station.

And that’s it really. It might do the dishes too if you ask nicely. And, it’ll belong to you for $60, right here. Story VIA Prylfeber.

2 thoughts on “Memory Ball Alarm Clock”

  1. what would be cooler is if the ball could be used as a track ball to choose selections. And each location would allow you to adjust different functions. just changing the stations by placing the ball (and making a circuit, I assume), is novel, but sadly, lame.

  2. when i read memory ball i actually thought that as the alarm goes on you had to remember the dimple sequence for the ball in order to shut the alarm off… now THAT would be cool

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