Memorex SingStand – Talent Not Included

Memorex SingStand (Images courtesy Memorex)
By Andrew Liszewski

The recent trend of turning everyone into rockstars and guitar heros in the privacy of their own home continues with this SingStand microphone from Memorex. It basically just lets you sing along with your iPod or any audio device that has a standard headphone jack and can fit in the round dock located directly below the microphone. The base of the SingStand features a set of 4W full-range speakers complete with balance and echo controls to make it feel like you’re singing in your bedroom, or on stage at Madison Square Gardens. It also features dual microphone inputs if you feel like singing a duet, and there’s even a keyboard input for hooking up that Casio that’s been collecting dust in the closet. You can get it from Memorex for $69.99.

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