Memlite – Lighter & Flash Drive Together At Last

Memlite – Lighter & Flash Drive Together At Last

Memlite (Images courtesy Memlite ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m continually amazed by the types of products that gadget designers think should be integrated. But at least the creators of the Memlite admit they live by the philosophy of “Not everything in life has to make sense.”

The Memlite is basically just a refillable lighter with a removable flash drive stored in the bottom. While the obvious concerns of fire and electronics not mixing do come to mind if you’re a smoker you’re probably far more inclined to remember to carry a lighter with you than a tiny flash drive. So by combining the two you won’t have to worry about forgetting your flash drive at home, just remember to keep an eye on it when people ask you for a light.

The Memlite can be ordered directly from their website in six different colors and come in capacities ranging from 512 MB (about $25) up to 4 GB (about $75.)

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