Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller

Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller (Image courtesy Selections)
By Andrew Liszewski

Got a problem with nuisance animals in your backyard or garden? Why turn the hose on them when you can reach for this contraption instead. The Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller looks like a megaphone because it actually is one. To use the Scatter-Cat you just point it at the cat, bird, dog, squirrel or other non-human intruder on your property and pull the trigger. An ultrasonic signal that’s undetectable to the human ear will scare off the varmint from up to 65 feet away. It may take a few blasts before the animal stops coming back, but they’ll eventually get the picture.

To ensure the signal is being aimed in the right direction, the Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat even includes a laser sight that’s activated when you pull the trigger. And while the ultrasonic signal won’t disturb your neighbors, it can also be switched to a sonic signal that can be heard by humans, presumably if you’re trying to scare off a group of toddlers or small children who are tearing up your garden.

You can get the Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat Repeller from for about $30.

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