Mega Man Boss Battle Rubik’s Cube

Mega Man Boss Battle Rubik’s Cube

Mega Man Rubik's Cube (Image courtesy Capcom Blogs)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not that hard to make your own custom Rubik’s Cube, all you really need is enough patience and perseverance to replace 54 little stickers. But the results can easily make the puzzle-solving experience a lot harder. Take this Mega Man Rubik’s Cube redux for example. Instead of getting all the same colors on each side, you need to re-assemble scenes from all six boss battles from the original NES version of the game. Definitely harder than a standard Rubik’s Cube, but still not as difficult as I remember Mega Man itself being.

[ Capcom Blogs – JGonzo – Mega Man Bosses Get More Frustrating On a Rubik’s Cube ] VIA [ GoNintendo ]

5 thoughts on “Mega Man Boss Battle Rubik’s Cube”

  1. That's, err….that's not actually any harder than a regular Rubik's cube. Each individually cube-y is already unique. It's not like the bottom-left white square could go in the top right space in the end, since it's attached to other colors as well.

    It's a slightly more visually confusing, but since the backgrounds appear to be pretty uniformly colored, this really doesn't add much difficulty.

    That being said, it really is awesome looking.

  2. ocentertainment:

    That's not the case. A regular cube has no specific orientation of the centers. This cube needs the centers to be oriented a certain way. It's not THAT much more difficult to solve though. If you pay no attention to the centers while you solve the cube, you could correctly orient the incorrect centers in a couple of seconds.

  3. Ho-hoo! Touché, my friend. I did not consider that. Never had to orient the centers. Something tells me you've come across this problem before?

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