Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot (Image courtesy Joe Chris Rogers)

Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot Is Only Fun For The Person Behind The Controls

Mega Hurtz Paintball Robot (Image courtesy Chris Rogers)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t really see the appeal of running around the woods with a paintball marker in fear of being hit with a small ball of paint that’s going to leave a nasty bruise, and the prospect of having a robot capable of firing 20 paintballs a second on my tail certainly doesn’t change my opinion. Designed and engineered by Chris Rogers, the Mega Hurtz looks like a re-purposed battle bot but instead of targeting fellow robots, it allows the person behind the controls to hunt down people playing a game of paintball. And since it’s equipped with video cameras and an LCD display on the remote, the driver doesn’t even have to put themselves in harm’s way.

At 280lbs it’s not exactly something you can just toss on your back and deploy in ‘battle’ when the outcome is grim, but rest assured when you do decide to break out the Mega Hurtz you’re probably not going to have too much trouble dominating a paintball match. It’s got everything from red laser sights, night vision, a range of 500 feet and is strong enough to tow a Hummer. Pretty unstoppable it seems, though ironically it would probably only take a single paintball hitting the camera lens, essentially blinding the driver, to render it harmless. At the moment Chris has started a Kickstarter project with varying levels of support options to fund his work on the Mega Hurtz, and hopes that the refinements he makes to its design will one day make the platform a usable tool for military and law enforcement applications.

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