MEEP! Tablet Is Exactly The Tablet Your Kids Don’t Want

By David Ponce

Let’s start with the name. “MEEP!” Really, Oregon Scientific? MEEP?? Well, ok, they’re kids right? What do they know?… Well, here’s the thing. Kids are funny. For one thing, they’re going to go to school, and they’ll see all their classmates toting iPads around. Because that’s what parents are buying their kids: iPads. So they’re gonna go to school, and what do you think they’re gonna want? A MEEP! tablet? Let’s get real. It doesn’t matter that “it runs on Android 4.0, features a 7-inch Neonode zForce touchscreen display encased in toughened housing with a silicon rubber sleeve, and is Wi-Fi-enabled.” It doesn’t matter that parents might be happy that it features controls that can remotely block whatever it is the kids want to be looking at. Nor does it matter that it’s supposed to retail for $149, sometime in August.

No… Sure, some parents will be sensible and will buy this with thoughts of cost savings and greater control and oversight… but these parents’ lives will be miserable because kids will use it as much as cats use overpriced cat beds.

Or maybe it’ll be a hit among the 6+ year old club. What do we now about kids?

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2 thoughts on “MEEP! Tablet Is Exactly The Tablet Your Kids Don’t Want”

  1. I brought my son the Meep! tablet and he loves it. Him and all his friends really enjoying playing on the Meep! tablet, especially with the drum kit accessory, it has kept them entertained for hours on end! The parental controls are a great idea and work really well, I love being able to monitor what my son see, it allows me to keep them him but still allows him to feel grown up.

  2. My 7-years old girl is very happy with the MEEP! tablet she got 1 year ago and even if she’s not 24h with it (what I wouldn’t want anyway), she often plays with it and learn a lot.

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