MedVault Pill Dispenser Helps Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse


Prescription pills are bad, m’kay? Well, they’re not, but abusing them is. Or taking them at incorrect intervals or dosages. So we’re a little intrigued by the MedVault Pill Dispenser, created by a group of students from Brigham Young University. It’s essentially a tamper-proof safe in which you are to store all your pills, and which dispenses them at a set time and specific dosage.

The device is capable of dispensing any kind or size of pill and has to be connected to a computer via the USB port so that an authorized pharmacist can access and load the pills into the dispenser. The software created for this pill dispensing device is used by the pharmacist to specify how many and at what time the pills can be dispensed by the user. After Med Vault is disconnected from the computer it automatically locks and dispenses pills strictly according to the instructions. To make things full proof even further, the user has to enter an access code on the dispenser each time a pill needs to be dispensed.

The device isn’t commercially available yet, but is undergoing testing and is patent pending.

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